Branding and Logo Design


Process of creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer mind with the help of campaigns and a theme is known as branding. The aim of branding is to establish a different presence in the market that attracts costumer.

Any word, “device” (design, shape, sound, or color), or combination of these used to distinguish a seller’s goods or services is a type of brands.

Trade name: A legal name under the company run.

Trademark: Identifies that a firm has legally registered its brand name or trade name so the firm has its exclusive use.

Brand personality: A set of human characteristics associated with a brand name.

Brand equity: The added value a given brand name gives to a product beyond the functional benefits provided.

Co branding: The pairing of two brand names of two manufacturers on a single product.


A logo is a visual symbol associated with a product, a company or an idea. They are meant to give the product an identity and a visual appearance people can remember. 

There are different kinds of logos

  • Typographic logos use letters and words.
  • Pictographic logos use visual images.
  • Some logos can be combinations of both pictographic and typographic elements.

A quality logo will meet the following criteria:

  • It is readable.
  • It represents the spirit of the product.
  • It works well both large and small.
  • It works well both black and white and color.
  • It works in a pattern.

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