E-Commerce Web Application Development

E-commerce is a best option for business that’s give scope of popular sales and online transaction. E-commerce website enables customer to purchase or buy the goods that delivers at the customer doorstep with in the promise time. Are you looking for start your business and expand your traditional business so it’s a right path for you.

Types of e-commerce

  1. Business to business (b 2 b)

It is a largest form of e-commerce. It defines that buyer and seller they both are different identities even manufacturer sell goods to wholesaler or retailer.

  1. Business to consumer (b 2 c)

It is a model in which there is a direct interaction between business and costumer. The concept of this model is to sell the product online to the costumer.


It is concept in which individuals can sell or buy or thanks to online payment system where people can pay or receive money.

How we’ll help you

  • Commands on different Languages
  1. Html5
  2. Css3
  3. Java script
  4. PHP
  • Experts of different Tools
  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Ms dream viewer
  • Benefits of e-commerce site
  1. Low entry cost
  2. Reduces transaction cost
  3. Access to the global market
  4. Secure market share