Advantage of Using Magento as an eCommerce Store Development

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Advantage of Using Magento as an eCommerce Store Development

16 May 2018 click4networks

Ever heard of Flipkart or Amazon? We are sure you have heard those names before. Well, these are some popular eCommerce websites.

However, a website that sells goods/products with online payment facilities, is called as an eCommerce website.

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Magento is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that gives business owners an opportunity to expand their business.

Right now, ‘Magento Community’ version is 100% open source. That means the code is accessible for everyone.

You can easily modify the code as per requirement (If you got some great coding skills!).

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Benefits Of Using Magento Web Development

We’ll be more focused on Magento 2 as it is there with highly improved and updated version of Magento platform.

Its features, developing tools and architecture are quite different from Magento 1.

  • Magneto SEO Features

The platform has SEO friendliness, which means your website will be highly ranked by search engines which lead to a wider audience.

(Your website will be highly ranked by search engines which will lead to a wider audience as the platform is SEO friendly).

Magento 2 allows setting meta description, meta keywords and title of a product dynamically.

The Magento SEO solves several issues by optimizing the store in a better way.

Above all, duplicate content, indexing, landing pages, traffic, etc. are well-managed by Magento SEO.

The in-built SEO features help the site visible for the search results.

Out-of-the-box SEO capabilities of Magento 2 are more powerful than in previous platform versions.

  • Easy and Secure

Magento 2 is much more flexible and easier than Magento 1.

There will be a continuous process of making improvement and providing security patches to help Magento 2 to stay secure.

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  • Full Page Cache

Full page cache means to improve the performance of the websites by storing the HTML output for a particular website in a cache.

After that, it faster the page load time and lessen the load of the server and also reduces the load time.

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  • Mobile-Friendly

It is mobile friendly platform and the website can be viewed by consumer across different devices.

Similarly, it works efficiently on smart-phones, tablets, Notebook, iPad, etc. In other words with the help of new designs and themes available in Magento, the developers can create sites that are supported by the devices with any screen resolutions.

Also, in addition to above all user-friendly mobile apps are being created on the Magento platform.

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These are some benefits of Magento 2 for faster and better performance. At click4networks, we provide Professional Web Development Services using Magento to our clients.

Advantages Of Using Magento

1. Interactive Shopping Experience


The Magento platform is very much interactive and provides the best online shopping experience ever possible.

Similarly, it keeps updating itself with features in accordance with the trend of shopping changes.

After that, the newest version Magento has lots of features by default meant for Omni-channel experience. Therefore the customer has an experience of shopping online from a desktop or mobile device.

2. Scalability

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The software leverages the power of scalable designs and provides an extensive support network and dynamic interface.

In other words, it is used to describe a system that can be made larger, for example by adding extra hardware or deal with extra work without affecting its performance.

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3. Inventory Management

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It is dynamic, fast and yet simple. Therefore it makes the buyers easy to search and buy the desired products.

However the sellers are able to maintain the inventory as per categories, sub-category, in order to keep track of sales and stock in an accurate and automated manner.

4. Extensions


It also comes with several extensions for adding new features.

Extensions help to change the features as per the products dealt through the website.

Therefore it makes the process simpler and therefore more helpful for customers while browsing.

5. Multi-Store Management


Manage multiple stores through the single admin panel, therefore the ability to carry unique product catalogue, languages as per the region, and run more than one store easily with single management.

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6. Easy Payment Gateway Integration


It is easy to integrate the Magento website with suitable payment gateways to make the payment process more secure and fast.

7. Administration


Administration of your online shopping store is far more easy to manage with Magento based eCommerce sites in comparison to other similar platforms.

Therefore it enables business owners to get a detailed report on the performance of their websites with information on in-demand products, out of stock products, a new product available in the market, etc.

Similarly it helps web store owners design the best strategies to boost the eCommerce business in the right direction in existing market conditions.

Our team at Click4network understands the need of our customer and therefore provide the best eCommerce website design services using Magento.

8. User-Friendly Site


Magento platform is simple and makes it extremely easy for your online store visitors in order to search and buy products through the website, with the fast loading time and other dynamic features of the site.

The eCommerce, therefore, offers tools for online marketing, SEO, and catalogue management bespoke to the client’s needs. However, Magento can be easily configured as per the user end.

9. Marketing Tools

Magento Marketing Tools

Magento also helps you in the promotion of your eCommerce business which includes coupons, landing pages, marketing campaigns, eMail marketing, and more.

However, if you need eCommerce Website Design Services, just drop in your requirements. In conclusion, Click4network’s developers will offer a top-notch solution at a reasonable price.

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