WordPress Vs Joomla: Select Best Cms Website Platform

Best Cms Website Platform

WordPress Vs Joomla: Select Best Cms Website Platform

31 Dec 2018 click4networks

When it comes to building the best CMS website, the first thing comes in mind which platform we should use WordPress or Joomla.

WordPress and Joomla are the most popular platforms nowadays. Most of the people use Drupal too as per their business requirements. They have shared 71% of CMS business market. There are many WordPress development companies and Joomla website development services in India who will develop the CMS websites for you. We will recommend using both of them as both have their own specialty and benefits. Choosing a best CMS website platform is a very big decision and to decide on which platform one should invest.

What should I choose?

Both the platforms have good customization features, ease of use and secure. But both of them have their specific features, as well as both, have their own advantages and disadvantages. But it is not a difficult task to choose from, we are here to help you to give the insights of both the platforms.

What will be the criteria?

There could be many criteria but here we will discuss the most common criteria, which will help you know the detailed breakdown with their strength and weaknesses.

There will be certain factors like:

  • Customization
  • Ease of Use
  • Seo
  • Website Cost
  • Best used for and more


But before proceeding further with the discussion, let’s discuss the brief about WordPress and Joomla.


It is an open source platform works on PHP with SQL database, where you can be assured that your data will be secured and will never be lost. We can translate WordPress into various other languages (more than 60) which will help your business grow in other countries as well. It has several varieties of themes and plugins you can choose from. Themes and plugins of WordPress help customize the website which is beneficial for web development.

WordPress is the most popular platform and have covered 60% of CMS market share. There are several WordPress development companies in India who have gained huge profit just from WordPress websites. The latest version of WordPress 4.9 has been downloaded over 100 million. There are several big companies who chose WordPress website like eBay, Forbes, CNN etc.


Joomla is also a highly customizable open source platform, which is absolutely free and almost no pop-ups for payment will appear when you are in the middle of the website implementation as compared to WordPress platform.

It is search engine friendly, mobile friendly and flexible platform in addition to the number of themes and plugins which are absolutely free of cost. Many companies provide Joomla website development services.

Joomla can be used for:

  • Small businesses
  • Government or NGO websites
  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites


WordPress vs Joomla

Let’s discuss the comparison between WordPress and Joomla as below:

Comparison between WordPress and Joomla, best cms website

I hope now you will understand what will be the best platform for your business. You can also take consultation from us if you want to build your own website. But if you are still confused and you need any guidance then you feel free to contact us.

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