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Most Common Mistakes in E-commerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

Most Common Mistakes in E-commerce Website Design

30 Mar 2018 click4networks

Today E-commerce is on the Best growth of all time, every business is using E-commerce Website Design Platforms to display its product or services.

E-commerce gives the option to start doing business without having any physical store. Using E-commerce website business can get more customers in comparison to owning a store. Professional web development services provider knows these so they try to provide the best E-commerce website design services to their customers.

Marketing and other promotional activities are also very fast and cheaper in E-commerce business but to get the best output from the E-commerce store every E-commerce website service provider has to focus on mistakes they are making during website designing.

Some of the common mistakes the E-commerce website design service provider make during E-commerce website designing are as follow:

1 – Lacking clear product information- Businesses are failing to display clear information about their product and services on e-commerce websites. This makes customer confused and makes them try other e-commerce websites, who providing relevant information.

How to seek out this problem

Business should provide sufficient information about its product mentioned on the E-commerce website. Business has to ensure that the full description of the product is given on the website so that viewer can know exactly about the product or service.

2 – Hidden Contact info. – The biggest mistake E-commerce websites make is hiding their contact info, When the customer wants to connect with the business to get the answer to any problem or any other query, he/she searches for the contact source but when they don’t get any Contact Info, they start to feel suspicious about a website.

How to seek out this problem

E-commerce websites can be sought out this problem by providing the exact contact info of the business that customer can easily find out and can directly contact customer care instantly.

3 – Load time – Large image can have a huge effect on the loading time of a website. Google has already added this thing to their algorithm that the loading time of a website will affect the ranking of that website on search engines.

How to sought this problem-

Upload the reduced size image by compressing them. There are many tools available which can help you in compressing and reducing image size.

4 – Making things complicated by asking for the account- Sometimes the e-commerce websites ask visitors for creating an account on the e-commerce source in order to surf the store. This makes visitor irritated and makes them switch on another E-commerce website.

How to seek out this problem

E-commerce businesses should know one thing that visitors want to do anything after surfing the store and if they get convinced with the store they will definitely going to make an account and go for further steps.
So while designing an E-commerce store, businesses should focus on easy customer surfing.

5 – Poor Service- E-commerce website sometimes lacks in the customer services that is another flaw for the business, because if the customer finds inconvenience during shopping then he can close the shopping and may never return back to the website. It is like losing the best impression in front of the customers.

How to seek out this problem

The business can be sought this problem by providing the best options to surf stores like giving good navigation options etc.

6 – Displaying only single image- Some E-commerce websites are displaying single images for the products this make customer confused what the product actually looks.

How to seek out this problem

A company should provide images for the product from the various different angles so that people can watch it and visualize clearly how the product looks like.

So these are some common mistakes that are doing while designing Ecommerce stores. Professional Web Development Service Providers know these things and they avoid these mistakes. Click4networks is the best Professional web development service provider and they give best E-commerce website design service to their clients. So you can call them at +91 911-612-8407 to know more about these services.

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