Make Your Own Website Today Through Open Source Platforms

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Make Your Own Website Today Through Open Source Platforms

26 Feb 2019 Yashasvi Rathi

For surviving in the digital world you need a website for your business. The absence of a website may lead you to miss leads and great opportunities. A great business needs great traffic and the web has a vast reach which will help the individual to create a wider and effective network.

Having a website will provide you with the facilities of the latest marketing tools and strategies which will grow your business and generate more traffic. Your website represents your online presence so it must be mobile compatible, accessible to all users, well planned information architecture, well-formatted content, that is easy to scan, fast load time, browser consistent, effective navigation, contrasting colour scheme etc.

Websites are available and accessible all the time. Posting regularly and using different social media strategies by redirecting the audience back to your website can help you engage with users more.

In today’s world website creation is not tough anymore. There are many open source platform which provides the service of creating attractive websites, that too for free and the user interface for these platforms is so easy, that a naive can also design his professional website. Websites created with these open source platforms are mobile friendly, easy to update, ready for search engine optimization, ideal for aggressive content marketing, secure, robust etc.

Some of the open source platforms are:

1. Wix


This platform is for rookies, WIX allows you to create any type of website either E-commerce or Business platform. Multiple designs and templates are available for website creation. WIX doesn’t require any coding and technical skill any amateur user can create its fully functional website in just few hours. The user interface of WIX allows you to drag and drop different widgets and different media. You can add any options like payment method, analytics, blogging section etc. The user can also choose paid plans as per the requirements and make changes. The free features include, hosting, domain templates, ssl security, etc.

2. Shopify


This platform is specialized for an E-Commerce oriented website. Shopify provides the best widgets and features that are essential to boost sales and promote your brand. The user just has to choose its plan according to its business Shopify provides vast of features like category creation, add products, select payment method tracking of sales adding to cart etc. It also allows launching different schemes, promo codes, discounts, coupons, sales etc. You can use various templates and ready to use web shops.



This Content Management system is on the top of website creation platforms. It is very easy to customize with a lot of plugins and features. WordPress contains a several templates. Be it an E-commerce website or a professional blog site, WordPress has the best solutions for all. It contains both free and paid templates, free templates require little effort to stand out in the crowd. If the user is familiar with PHP or HTML, WordPress is is the best option for you. It allows the user to edit the codes through its dashboard.

4. Magento


This is a CMS specially designed for E-commerce purposes. Magento has pricing tools in addition to instruments to handle the catalog building and watermark capabilities. This open source platform allows you to create a professional trading platform with multiple attributes and product variations. Magento tools keep stats of trading for future analysis of the business. It’s marketplace consists of 150000+ developers who deliver export tools and plugins on regular basis. It requires very basic web development skills for editing on this platform.

In the growing digital world, it is surprising that only 53% of small businesses currently have a website. It is not a rocket science to create a website for your business.

All you have to do is, buy a domain name, hosting and use any of these open source platform to get a creative and attractive website. A website is just not for the sales and marketing it also generates leads and especially increases your brand awareness.

Through a website, a small venture runner can get connected to the large community and attract clients from all over the web as per its genre. Open source platforms has made website construction easy and efficient. In other words the admin doesn’t have to ping every time to the developer for any change, these platforms provide an interactive dashboard with tutorials too. Therefore in today’s world website generation is as important as having a shop.

There are many reasons to go for open source platform. Above all it is easy and convenient to user.

What are you waiting for? Get one of your own today..!

In addition to above mentioned platform if you have any other in mind, feel free to contact.

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