Points To Consider While Making A Website


Points To Consider While Making A Website

12 Apr 2019 click4networks

The market is getting digital day by day and faster than the world anticipates. Every single thing that we can imagine is getting Digital, Just to name it. Every business is moving to the digital gateway.

Do you know, WHY?

Give it a try, you may know the answer.

Yes, the digital way of trading the product and services give more reach targets a niche audience that keeps the better flow of business and the profit one can make with the digital way of marketing is at the next level.

Nowadays, to get your business to the digital gateway is not a big deal. All you need to do is get a website and start trading online. Though it sounds very easy, will it get up to our expectation? Will it get up to the mark where we want it to be? Is it safe for online marketing? Will you be able to reach your audience?    

So, if these questions pop-up in your mind then, you are on the right path to start your business online or getting your business digital.

And you know what? The solution to all the problem is one.

Can you guess this time?

Yes, the solution is “Website”. The right website itself is enough to get rid of every problem.

These are some of the points we need to keep in mind while making a website:-

1.Choosing the Domain and host.

Choosing a domain is the very first and important step. Every good website starts with a good domine name. It says so much while saying so little.

In addition to being memorable or easy to recall, a domain name needs to accurately reflect your brand’s voice and be nearly impossible to misspell.

Finding the right domain name for your brand is crucial and important. Incorporating a combination of SEO, simple spelling, and brand identity into the domain name leads to a higher chance of being located in search engine results and can get the desired traffic.

2. Clean Design

One of the most important things to keep in mind during the process of website development is to create a clean, appealing design that doesn’t distract our users or irritate them.

Like lots of pop-ups and advertisements on the website. A quality design is attractive and easy to read with intuitive navigation as and, to the point information is the key to clean design.

Most importantly, a clean design helps viewers concentrate or focus on the value of your brand and content.

3. Effective color scheme or theme

Color schemes are more important than customers realize. It captures human Psychology. Different colors have the ability to trigger different emotional responses, such as calmness, happiness, or frustration.

When it comes to using colors in your website design, it’s essential to consider your company’s niche, brand goal, brand psychology, target audience, branding, and the elements of color theory.

4. Branding

It plays an important role in all the businesses, be it large or small, trying to get a brand value. Branding starts from the logo and company tag line. It contributes to an overall understanding of the brand to the customer.

Professionally designed logos and tagline, successfully catch the customer’s eye and provide the unique picture and voice of the brand.
So, never compromise with branding. Like the logo, tag line, advertisement and more.

5. Functionality

It is another important aspect that we need to keep in mind. There should be all functions available that a website should have and in addition to what the brand value promises it to be. Like:-

  • The website should not have a broken link.
  • Less load time.
  • Secure to use.
  • The website should have the needed information.

6. Navigation

The website should not be difficult to navigate around, the user may get irritated and leave the website and the bounce rate will increase and create an issue in ranking the website.

7. Short load Time

The loading should not be much, it should be between 1 to 3 sec only. If not, it will increase the bounce rate and can be an issue in ranking the website.

8. Call to Action

Putting calls to action on your website encourages the customers to contact your business and create a healthy relationship with customers.

A friendly suggestion, such as “Contact us today!” or “We are here for you!” demonstrates that your business wants to develop a relationship with its customers.

It’s important that calls to action are appropriate for a visitor’s level of involvement with your company and increase trustworthiness.

9. Clean, SEO Friendly code

This is one of the most important things that we can’t ignore. SEO friendly is more than enough to solve 50-60% ranking issues.

By taking the time to improve and update your site’s code on a regular basis, you can increase the overall return on investment and traffic. The SEO-friendly code acts as a guide for search engine spiders and crawlers by providing a clear picture of your site’s content.

10. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile devices are the most common device now, so, every website must be compatible and responsive for mobile devices. It is noticed that mobile users have drastically increased in the recent past, which justifies this point even more.

11. Captcha Test

This is useful to avoid spam on your website. No one can send you spamming content on your comment box, contact forms, and site. No, one will be able to misuse your website services. Captcha is also very important from a security point of view.

12. Social media integration

Social media is now not an option to be integrated but is a requirement. To keep the website more engaging, and act as a backlink for the website and increase the traffic to a great extent.

13. Effective security

Security is one of the most important things that we need to keep in mind. The users who are visiting the website or using the website’s services or products, their data should be safe and secured. So, no one can misuse the data like Contact no., E-mail, name, address and more.

14. Tracking

Tracking your website is also a very important thing. We will be able to know where is our audience is coming from and what to do so that more audience can come and the traffic of our website increases.

It helps us to know the geographical aspect, age group, Gender, Time when the website has more traffic and more. This aspect will help us to make a strategy that will help to increase the traffic of the website.

For tracking, we can use Google analytics and Google webmaster these two are Google tools, we can also use third party tools like SE Ranking and more.

15. Original Content, video, and Image

When planning an internet site, it’s crucial to write down top quality, original content that’s relevant to your company and merchandise.

Everything from the standard of your content to the keywords used, affects your site’s ranking in computer program results. Keyword analysis will offer topic concepts and, if used meagrely, can facilitate customers quickly find the content they are seeking.

To extend the attractiveness, every online page ought to don’t have any but 150 words and may include links to credible resources and different pages on your web site

So, these are some of the points we need to keep in mind before designing a website.

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