What is WordPress and how it beneficial for Web development?

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What is WordPress and how it beneficial for Web development?

20 Feb 2018 click4networks

WordPress is the best platform to provide Web design and development service. It is currently the fastest growing CMS software to build a website. WordPress is considered to use CMS because it has a very friendly interface for users. It is an online, open source website formation platform written in PHP language that helps users to quickly build a blog by simply selecting a design. WordPress is easy to access and best dominant blogging and website content management system. In fact, 24% of websites worldwide use WordPress. WordPress is blogging software as well as a framework for Web Development. WordPress currently shares around 40% of all open source software landscape. The best thing about WordPress is that it is user-friendly and flexible enough for just about anything.

WordPress development Services that means, it is the easiest & most economical ways for businesses to maintain in the ruthless internet market. Even the web experts suggest WordPress as the effective platform for developing the business website. There are many numbers to build an online presence, but nothing falls close to the accessibility provided by this excellent platform. WordPress also used for other application domains such as pervasive display system.

Click4networks provides the Best Web Design and Development Services with the latest technologies present in the market which provides an amazing quality of the web experience. We are the top web development company in Jaipur as we provide the advance and the latest web design and development service. We have a team of professional developers, the one who is standing in the market and had a great professional experience in the developmental field. WordPress is very beneficial for web development.

Advantages of using WordPress for developing a business website

1. It’s Cost- Effective –

A WordPress platform provides designing and development is highly cost-effective. Also, the upkeep and maintenance expense is relatively economical as you can do it yourself instead of hiring a designer every time when you need to update the content of your site.

2. Search Engine Optimization Ready-

WordPress is SEO friendly. Websites developed by using WordPress have easy and constant codes making the ideal for google indexing. SEO factors for each page can also be customized giving you full control on which pages you want to rank high in search engines.

3. Update Your Site Anywhere You Are-

If you want to develop a WordPress theme website, you can make changes to your site anywhere you are as long as you have access to the internet.

4. Upgrade Your Site’s Capabilities Easily-

Adding new features and functionalities can be utterly inconvenient for traditional websites, especially those that are developed by using sophisticated platforms. This is the exact opposite of WordPress based sites. There are plugins that you can easily install which usually takes just three steps. Further, the WordPress community is very effective and almost every best practice is documented. So if you need to add a new feature to your site, chances are, there are other WordPress users out there that have documented what to do.

5. Ultimate Social Media Integration-

Another advantage, if you choose to develop a WordPress theme website is the seamless integration with social networks. You don’t need to login to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts one by one because it automatically lets your social networking community know that you have fresh content for them.

6. Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing-

In an era of online marketing when fresh content is of extremely valuable, a WordPress theme website has an absence fit over the traditional ones. You can update your site’s content In nanoseconds and you can do so as frequent as you want without the need to go through various complex steps.

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